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Eye Slight
Craig's Photography
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21st-Dec-2005 12:25 pm - Some new stuff for you all today.
Me am tame beast!

Happy Cat

Snow Berries


Hoarfrost Branches

Me am tame beast!
The OTHS Reunion, of sortsCollapse )

24th-Oct-2005 03:23 pm - Tim Miller
Me am tame beast!
A Few pictures I took of Tim Miller during and after his ISU performance of USCollapse )

once again, ask if you want super-sized photos, for desktops and such.

~Craig out
24th-Oct-2005 03:21 pm(no subject)
Me am tame beast!
Don't look here if you don't like bugs.Collapse )

Oh, I got a deviantart.com account. Here is where it be.

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